TECNI Manufacturing Capabilities                                

  • Assemblies from 0.54mm - 22mm diameter 

  • Certified load-rated, lifting quality assemblies 

  • Lighting support and suspension cable assemblies 

  • Architectural tension cables 

  • Gym cables 

  • Catenary and wire rope tension systems 

  • Winch ropes

  • Security cables 

  • Wire rope slings. 

  • Swage 0.8mm-22mm TALURIT Al and Cu ferrules. 

  • Press stainless steel swage fittings to 22mm. 

  • Press Crosby steel swage fittings eg S501s and S502s. 

  • Resin fit spelter sockets up to 22mm. 

  • Flemish eye splice.

TECNI Marking, Analysing & Cutting Technologies